Arab Jewish Dialogue Inc.

Founded in 2006, the Arab Jewish Dialogue (AJD) is a national charitable organization dedicated to encouraging positive relations between Arabs and Jews in Canada.

We have worked with hundreds of supporters of peace in the Middle East to promote respect, dignity and tolerance through dialogue and education.

We believe that it is inexcusable for any group to use religion or ideology to justify the use of violence. The members of the Arab Jewish Dialogue have adopted Core Values and Principles that are intended to promote respectful dialogue on subjects that are often avoided because of their complexity and emotional weight.

We believe that one of the ways to build trust between Arabs and Jews is to meet on a regular basis to educate each other and to discuss subjects of mutual interest.

We meet in people’s homes and in larger settings where we invite speakers to address us on topics like:
– The status of ISIS and other extremist groups
– Syrian refugees and the Syrian civil war
– The future of two states for two peoples
– Zionism – self determination for the Jewish people
– The status of the Arab Spring

In 2012, the Arab Jewish Dialogue acquired charitable status. That enables the AJD to accept donations from individuals and foundations.

We are able to work with Arabs and Jews to establish dialogue groups across Canada. Please contact us at (email address) for more information.

The AJD’s members, many of whom emigrated to Canada from the Middle East, are committed to two states for two peoples and peace and reconciliation in the Middle East.

The chairs of the Arab Jewish Dialogue are Ab Freig and Howard Morry. Ab, who was born in Egypt, is a respected business consultant and educator. Howard is past president of the Jewish Federation of Winnipeg and is a nationally recognized tax lawyer.

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